Areteia is a standardised education school which specialises in attention to diversity. Our team is focused on making sure that pupils at our school progress academically and personally, feeling comfortable with themselves and with others. Every pupil is special and unique and they all shine, though not all in the same way. That’s why we work to help them develop the best of themselves. Our work in education respects individual differences and as a result, focuses on this diversity.

At Areteia, we understand that every person is different. Therefore, each pupil constructs their learning according to their abilities and skills, their language level, their learned behaviours and habits, and their personal qualities. Every person progresses at their own rate, and therefore has their own learning rate, process and level.

Pupils who show learning difficulties can learn equally well as others if their particular learning style is respected. At Areteia, we pay special attention to the learning gaps identified in the initial evaluation, using this as a basis to implement the relevant processes to remediate these: speech therapy, literacy support, arithmetic and monitoring by the Psychopedagogy Department… in short, all resources and opportunities required by pupils with dyslexia, with difficulty paying attention, with hyperactivity and even those who are gifted.

Letter from the headmaster

Luis García, headmaster of Areteia, explains the challenges of the school, which specialises in boosting pupils’ strengths..

School History

Areteia was founded in 1980 with the intention of creating an inclusive and high quality educational institution which allowed all pupils the opportunity to grow and advance.

Educational Project

At Areteia, we offer comprehensive education for pupils aged 3 to 20, in Infant, Primary and Secondary Education, Baccalaureate and Vocational Training.

Education in Values

We guide the process of learning the values, attitudes and rules which will influence their behaviour and personality.

Julio, 2018

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