Attention to diversity

Attention to diversity is Areteia School. An inclusive education which fits the standard curriculum and is sensitive to special educational needs, therefore fostering participation and equitable learning, taking into account the individual rates and abilities of each pupil, and therefore offering a better quality education.

At Areteia School, we are convinced that every child is unique and special, that’s why we offer an education consistent with their individual learning needs. At our school we focus on equality in expectations, opportunities and results, irrespective of the pupil’s potential or rate of learning.

At Areteia we believe in “a school for all”, an integrative model which goes far beyond a school and involves the integration of the entire educational community. Thanks to this model, which considers the family-school relationship to be essential, pupils receive positive encouragement towards open and flexible coexistence, in which all people have a role to play.

At Areteia School we fit teaching to the different abilities, interests and motivations of pupils!

Individualised methodology

We interact with every pupil to direct their teaching process, taking into account their learning characteristics and rate.

Psychopedagogy department

A group of professionals, psychologists, pedagogists and speech therapists, who have extensive experience, attend to the needs of all the pupils at the school.

Educational Innovation

We develop projects which enable us to fulfil our main objective: a model of personalised education which meets a person’s every need.

Our teachers

The experienced teaching team at Areteia School works day after day to educate, encourage and motivate our pupils academically and personally.

Inclusive School

We offer a “school for all”, where we promote a standardised education specialising in attention to diversity, which knows that every person counts, and everyone can contribute.