Primary Education | Areteia School

This stage is included within the obligatory education framework, and constitutes a temporal and organisational unit of the teaching process. It demands close coordination with Obligatory Secondary Education.

Primary pupils receive personalised attention matched to their learning profile, as well as individual objectives. The development of their instrumental level (reading, writing, arithmetic, reasoning, memorising, etc.) is a key objective in this stage, given that this will be the basis for learning in this stage and in later ones.

The teaching is motivating and active, and is based on the experience and interests of the pupils, helping them to develop their interest in learning. A broad education which enables the development of social skills, attitudes and values, contributing to the comprehensive development of pupils at Areteia School.

The classrooms for Primary Education are divided into subgroups in order to attend to the psycho-pedagogical intervention needs that the pupils may have. Furthermore, it is at this stage that we begin the self-motivation programmes, improvement of objectives and cooperative learning. Music education is a very relevant subject throughout Primary Education, since the violin is utilised in curricular learning to ensure the academic and personal development of pupils at Areteia School, together with a fluid relationship between family and school. The development of social and communicative skills is also one of the basic objectives of this stage.